Excuses, Excuses


This is my excuse…domestic turbulance. Check out those boxes, am in the midst of moving-house-hell. Actually, there should be a correction here. Moving house is not the hell, my love of order and packing is no secret. No. As the saying goes, hell is OTHER PEOPLE.

Hurray hurray though, those hellish other people are (almost) a faded memory – a move date has been set!

Once moved, I fully expect to have many hours to fill in the evening with various knitting projects I have. Not because, of course, I have acres of self-discipline and bountiful amounts of creativity. No, I just anticipate it’ll probably take about six months for our broadband provider to get us connected…Boo hoo, no mindless internet browsing for me.


All has not been lost, I have nervously knitted several rows of my cowl in the past few weeks. Row upon row of stress relieving garter stitch whilst I wait (im)patiently for some professional or other to PLEASE RETURN MY CALL! The wool was cheapo (even more so that I purchased it half price). Yet, it somehow is coming out looking alright. Pleasing even.

Anyway, back to de-cluttering eight years’ worth of accumulated personal possessions, ready for careful packing just in time for some removal men to drop-kick all of our worldly possessions into the back of a van. Ho hum.



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