Things Worth Breaking The Diet For


I have been on a secret yarn diet (secret because I knew that as soon as I mention it, I would break it). I will admit it, I did over-indulge on holiday. Like with most things on holiday, the lure of relaxed days and thinking, “why not, we’re on holiday!” had left me with a bit of a (yarn) gut.

The guilt of seeing all the yarn laid out and then the struggle of squeezing it into my storage box, well it mirrored the trouble I was having in getting into my favourite jeans.


So I set myself a short term, achievable goal with measurable success criteria (you would never guess that I was a teacher!).

No more yarn until Ally Pally (and no more biscuits until half term). And, by and large, I have been very good. The biscuit situation may have been broken (I challenge anyone to get through a teaching day and then a Year 6 Open Evening without a sugar hit), but I have kept to the yarn diet.

This has been helped by not putting myself in temptation’s way (also known as my LYS). No stash diving and casting on a comedy number of projects (two new jumpers, a new shawl, two pairs of socks and a toy – all over the last two weeks). Of course, in many ways, I have shifted the problem from not being able to close my stash box to not being able to get near to my project box, but it is progress of a sort.


And then we popped to Cambridge on a day trip…

I was very good in John Lewis (I just bought some jump rings for my stitch marker making addiction). But (and we all saw a “but” coming), I then remembered the Sheep Shop.

In all fairness it is a good 20 minute walk from the High Street (which can only help with my other diet) and it is one of the few shops I know that stock “Sparkleduck” sock yarn (she also sells through her website


I discovered Sparkleduck at Ally Pally a couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with its bright colours and soft yarn. The dyer is local to Cambridge and so it fell under my house-rules of “fill your boots if it is a local dyer and you cannot buy it at home” so I don’t feel too guilty.


I am thinking shawls/scarves as the yarn won’t wear as well in socks (merino on the orange and BFL with silk on the purple).


It is hard to see in the picture (as the variegated yarn doesn’t photograph very well), but I am thinking of doing a falling leaves style shawl (from my much thumbed Sock-yarn Shawls: 15 Lacy Knitted Shawl Patterns). Basically rocking an “autumn on fire” vibe.

The purple one is going to be petted for a bit and then we shall see what it wants to be.

Anyone got any tips for successful yarn dieting?



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Sheep Shop (@thesheepshop)
    Oct 19, 2013 @ 12:17:17

    It’s definitely a yarn worth bending a yarn diet for 🙂


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