Let’s Knit Robin Knit Kit – Mixed Success!


In this month’s copy of Let’s Knit there was a cute little kit for making a robin.

As I am sure you remember me saying, my plan for this year’s Christmas knitting is to allow myself time to make knitted decorations, as each year I promise myself and then never get it done. So the kit seemed a logical (and cute) start to this. The instructions were easy to follow and it seemed perfectly makeable in an evening, so off I went.

I don’t knit that many toys. Not having any kids of my own and a limited amount of space to put “decorative” knits I haven’t really had the motivation to make them. Small items for gifts (for example knitted cakes) and flowers have certainly happened, but actual toys have been few and far between.


Which could be why my robin looks like it has been run over by the ugly truck, and not the cute robin in the magazine. Mr LouBug thinks I am being harsh, but he didn’t see the horror I saw when I tried out different toy eyes and then worried it would come alive and serial kill us in our sleep.


Maybe I need to sort out the eyes – eyelashes? eye brows? big felt super-cute eyes?. Something other than a fixed, angry, dead stare…

But, despite counting exactly and slavishly copying the picture, their one looks much cuter. I also draw your attention to the dodgy decreases on the belly and the least said about beak the better.


Maybe I need to make the beak stick out (felt?) and I definitely need to do something about the odd-shaped stuffing. I will (however) agree that the wings and tail are quite cute and did work. *sigh*

Maybe it will look better when I get it back out at Christmas.

If anyone wants me, I’ll be in my sock stash and I’m not to be disturbed.



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