Cosy Toes


Just a quick one to shamelessly show off my now finished stress socks. Made out of yarn based self-medicating necessity and now here for your viewing pleasure….


I love them completely! Fantastic colour (Opal Sweet and Spicy 6750 for the curious), and I managed to line them up exactly. No weird jogs, no brown stripes of doom, nothing – just bright cheerful colour and now soft coziness.


Do not adjust your sets, the new stress relief socks (which will be plain leg and ready for winter boot wearing), may look migraine inducing but the yarn has patiently waited at the bottom of the stash and I feel that its time has come.

Yes, it does look like red static, yes it may do permanent harm to my retinas and yes, if you look at it too long you do get a magic-eye picture coming at you. But I do have a soft spot for some things that are so odd and a bit ugly that they become charming and quirky. Personally I blame 80s TV show “Raggy Dolls” for that!



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