The Power of Chunky


Well, Cat has already voted with his bottom. He tried to move onto the new Granny’s Garden blanket while I was still working on it. With each side being really, extraordinary and ridiculously long he did quickly wise up to the fact that I didn’t need to move the blanket much and so made it his mission to settle quickly and stubbornly as soon as I got it out.


So here it is, the finished item (not bad for 1kg of sale yarn). Slightly hard to photograph, but you get the idea. The flowers aren’t sewn on yet, but the plan is to get to about 20 so I can have some kind of plan behind the first batch. I figure that I can then sew them on as I go.


In the end, I opted for a border as it looked a bit unfinished without one (for the curious it is left-over yarn from my Big Green Jumper held double with some green eyelash yarn, got to love stash diving!). The eyelash yarn is a bit scratchy, but it does work well colour-wise.


I’m sure you will hear more about the flowers over the next few weeks (as I have fallen back in obsession with them). While idling through my patterns I really wanted a daisy, and then remembered my flower loom. This was bought an age ago (Clover for the curious) and I used it to knock out really quick flowers (each one takes about 15 mins).


I went off the loom originally because you are a bit limited to the type and style of flower but it sure makes a pretty daisy! I think I will also use it to make a dandelion and maybe a marigold.


I also re-vampt a black rose I reclaimed (nice flower, but next to invisible against the dark green) and I think you will agree that it is definitely more eye-catching with the red tips.


This has a reclaimed centre (from the flower scarf I disassembled) and I like the way it now looks a bit like a tropical flower. The orange was actually free yarn (25g) and surprisingly took all of it, making a nice big flower.


I have also played with other flowers from that scarf (there were a lot of the same style which didn’t fit in with my crazy English garden theme). I am pleased with the results, especially when I played with stacking them to make a more 3D look.

Anyone any thoughts on what else I could make? I’m thinking maybe a daffodil next and there is an interesting sunflower pattern I want to try. Oh the agony of choice!



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