Pattern Cheating?


Is this cheating? Does anyone know? I realise that my efforts haven’t resulted in the most complicated scarf pattern in the world, but it is my first real attempt at knitting “off-piste” (on purpose…).

I have a plan to create a basket weave scarf. The reason I am wondering whether this is just a big-fat-cheat, is that I have borrowed the stitch repeats for basket weave stitch from Nicky Epstein’s great book (Knitting Block by Block).


There is a recipe in there on how to do a square (45 rows by 45 rows), of basket weave. For those of you whose knitting knowledge is even poorer than mine (anyone?), basket weave looks very complicated but appears to be just made up of k5, p5 repeats.

So, anyway, after much complaint about cold necks and a minor scuffle over the (previously rejected, and now hotly fought over) woolly scarf of last year (see post on ‘knitted gifts and ungrateful swines!’), I have decided to knit another boy scarf.

Rejected scarf, inexplicably now let into the fold

I’ve got a reasonable amount of Wendy merino chunky left in soft grey, the same wool used for the triumph which was the koala hat.


Rather than 45 rows, I have gone for 35 rows to fit a little neck (and still be able to accommodate the k5, *p5, k5* basket weave pattern). And rather than just create a square, I’m just going to keep knitting until I get a decent length, sew a name label onto it and release it into the wild. Whether it will return or not is anyone’s guess. Come winter our local walls and posts are decorated with discarded winter hats and orphaned mittens.

Not strictly a pattern then, maybe just half poached/half made-up. A new knitting category! I shall post the pattern once the scarf is complete.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christine
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 13:31:20

    A scarf is more often than not an pattern of x rows repeated over and over until a) you get bored, b) you run out of yarn or c) you decide it’s long enough, so your basket weave scarf isn’t a cheat at all 🙂


  2. KnitWit
    Sep 26, 2013 @ 08:46:14

    So true – I’m usually in the ‘get bored’ category, rather than knitting until it is actually long enough!


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