Butterflies and Hurricanes


I love it when a plan comes together. As expected, my first full teaching week has been a hurricane of activity, choca-block full of the things I want to get done before the first batch of marking floods in.

I always say that teaching is like a play, all the audience see is a few hours of on-stage performance and they judge your working day against that. What they don’t see is the actors learning lines (or teachers writing activity sheets); the sets being built (or the after school meetings we have on sharing the latest methods); the costumes being made (or the adapting lesson plans/activity sheets to fit the ability group in front of you); and the make-up being put on (or crunching the data to make sure that the group is progressing ok).

Then the stage is set, the performance given and then the marking begins!


So the plan was to give myself small achievable goals along-side pecking at larger projects.

I have been making small items to put on my ever-growing “Granny’s Garden” throw (1 ball to go, roughly 1 hour per row, fingers crossed it is finished this weekend).

I have taken a couple of evenings out to make a big blue butterfly. In the picture it is next to the fridge magnet of the one that landed on my chest in the butterfly house on my birthday outing (see the April post “Butterflies and Dinosaurs“).

The pattern in from 75 Birds and Butterflies to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield (it is the big blue one at the bottom of the picture at the start of this post).

I added the black trim and I am debating about embroidering some white dots, but I am not sure if it works better being simple. Any thoughts?

Hurricane 3

I have also managed to finish the first sock of my stress buster socks. In my hazy and relaxed summer break I clean forgot to do my online renewal of my food hygiene certificate, so I accepted my fate and knocked that out on Saturday morning (I really know how to party!).

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of doing this, it is a *fun* packed four-hour online course with tests at the end of each section and instructional games to play as you go. Never have I been more grateful that I can multi-task!

I was more than able to knit away at this sock during the video lectures and more than able to put down and pick up the sock as I needed to inter-act with the program.

I am pleased to report that I scored 100% on all 10 module tests and 100% on the final exam! And, because I could knit away, I did not chew at the furniture anytime I was left waiting for things to load (2 minutes is an age when watching a progress bar).


On a side note, I am also ridiculously pleased that despite this being a stash-dive-needles-grabbing kind of project, I have accidentally managed to perfectly colour co-ordinate my sock with the little owl iron-on patch on the project bag. I have been pecking at this for a week and I suddenly noticed it while grafting the toe. Simple pleasures for simple minds!



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