Blasting the Cobwebs with Chunky


After the soul destroyingly slow never-growing scarf, I am happy to report on my other big summer project – Granny’s Garden.

This blanket came out because KnitWit started making flowers, and it reminded me how much I like making flowers. My LYS then had a sale and happened to sell some dark green chunky yarn, and so I decided to crochet a big green blanket and cover it with flowers.

The yarn is 50% wool to acrylic and is nice and soft. It should be very snuggly, with the added bonus that I will give myself a garden to enjoy in the deep dark winter.


This was the progress at the start of the break and now (drum roll…)


Here it is at the start of term!

I have put a flower on it for scale and, as you can see, things are looking good for it to cover the double bed. It is not finished (6 balls down, three and a half balls to go) but despite only working on it in short burst to dodge heat exhaustion, it has spectacularly grown. An ironic twist on the cobweb scarf (that I worked solidly on for the holiday) but never grew.

Oh chunky, how we love you!

I am currently playing with the idea of stash busting some Kermit green eyelash yarn on the border. I do quite like the solid edge the chunky crochet gives, so we shall have to see on that. Kermit may have to linger in the box a while longer.


The grand plan is to make (and start using) the blanket and then cover it with flowers. A plan that realistically reflects the available time in the hectic first term. I can make a flower in an evening or two with minimal brain power needed.

This will give me short achievable goals at a time when I will be frazzled and/or frantically Christmas knitting. To give myself a head start I have re-claimed flowers from a never-worn scarf (as previously mentioned, there was nothing wrong with it; I just made a second one I liked more).


I have also re-claimed these from various bags and jackets.


Deciding that the start of term was already melting my brain, I also made this flower earlier this week out of sparkly sock yarn. I like the idea of playing around with different yarn weights on the flowers, as it will naturally change the scale of the flowers and hopefully create a more English garden effect.

It should also help work through my sock yarn scrap – there are only so many mitre pillows a girl can use.

(*Quick plug* – the pillows are a fantastically useful user of sock scrap, go have a peek, it is on our free pattern page “Bug’s sock scrap pillow” and on Ravelry).


I also plan to make a few butterflies and bugs to dot about (mainly from my 75 Birds and Butterflies to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield) as I think this will help to balance the look. I do like it when a plan comes together!

Has anyone got any suggestions for flowers for me to try?



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