Intarsiblah blah blah


There is currently much confusion in my brain over whether this T-Rex venture should be done in intarsia or stranded knitting (Fair Isle). Shoot me now, crazy seasoned knitters out there, but they both look the same to me

Behold the evidence:

1. Fair Isle knitting is the technique of knitting with two or more colours of yarn in a single row making a pattern.
2. Intarsia is for knitting a picture on a project. Individual blocks of colour are knitted to form an image or pattern.

Is this T-Rex a pattern or a picture? Currently this is the least of my troubles…as you can see from my galant efforts below, a proper reading of a chart is a more pressing issue. That and frogging back what I have botched so far. Two stitches, as per the chart, but only one to show for it, boo hoo.


Until I find the answers to these pressing questions, I shall be busy knit, knit, knitting away on my latest chunky cowl. Not much throwing of knitting across the room with this easy garter stitch project at least.

LouBug – Post me an answer NOW!!



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  1. LouBug
    Sep 12, 2013 @ 21:40:58

    With Fair isle you carry both yarns for the whole row. Instasia is when you switch colours mid row and use bobbins to hold the unused yarn. Personally for such a small pattern I would knit the background and Swiss darn the dino on


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