Intarsia Brain Challenge


Call me crazy – but I’m going for the knitting equivalent of running before I can walk. Or rather the equivalent of someone who can run, maybe, but has been metaphorically tied to a bed like a scene from “Misery” (but with fewer beatings from Kathy Bates and more ad infinitum shrieks of “mummy, mummy, mummy”), and is now unsure if their legs work.

Anyway, enough of my “relaxing” summer break – my point is, I’m feeling confident my shrivelled summer holiday jelly brain does have some capacity for learning, even after weeks of garter stitched snoods (see above for the latest effort).

I’m going to start my research on intarsia in preparation for my next knitting jaunt. Behold…The T-Rex!


You’ll note that I’ll also have to do some sort of crash course in chart reading as well, but hey ho. The chart was taken from a book LouBug bought me by Nicky Epstein Knitting Block by Block

There are loads of great patterns in here, and loads of great ideas on what to do with all the blocks when you’ve finished them.


I’m feeling confident all of the information I need to get started is going to be in my newly acquired copy of Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar: Go Beyond The Basics by Debbie Stoller.


I can almost feel the rusty cogs in my brain turning as I type…



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