Hearts Shrug Hug


You might remember my mighty fine Liberty’s yarn shopping from earlier this year. Well, it has now fulfilled its yarn destiny and moved successfully from shop to stash to project to finished object.

Now to most of you this might sound like a reasonable and expected progression for all yarn, but believe me there are more than a few balls of yarn that have taken refuge in my stash and waiting like X Factor Wannabes. I do try my best to use things up (especially sock yarn) as I feel a bit guilty about spending money and then “wasting” it by not using the yarn.


The shrug is made out of a Rowan Linen and cotton yarn, which I’ve not used before but I have been pleased with the stitch definition. I will drive myself crazy washing this (anyone any thoughts? It is definitely in the hand-wash pile at the moment), as I am not feeling brave enough to risk it on a wool cycle. It is based on a hearts shrug I made in pink and have loved to the point that it is more than a tad scruffy and I am pleased that the new one is just as lovely.


I even took the sensible step of blocking it before adding the border. This took real will-power as I was on holiday when I finished the main panel and had to hide it from myself as I was itching to finish it.

heart 4

So here it is! I purposely made it one repeat wider and longer (to help it drape) and I am pleased that I judged the trim right and only had about 30 cm left over (it was a bit nerve wracking during that bind off!).


I am also pleased as linen is supposed to get softer with age and it is already pretty scrummy! Well the new term beckons and I am pleased with my holiday output. I look forward to wearing my new gloves and scarf to brighten up the cold evenings ahead.

Anyone else got products waiting for the temperature to drop?



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