The Great Yarn Tour (Part One)


In an effort to re-live Mr LouBug’s student days, we built in a two day stay in Bath into our trip to the Wild West. Now, Bath has always been a lovely city, but I last visited five years ago and it did seem to be missing rather a vital element on its journey to perfection. All those sheep seen on the hills, and not a scrap of yarn to be had in the whole city.

Luckily Mr LouBug’s campaign to get us to buy a millionaire’s mansion in Bath may be on an up-swing, as Bath is now home to a rather lovely yarn shop.


In a classic Bath moment, it was at the bottom of a little side road (Old Orchard Street) and peeked out at you as you rounded the corner. You kept expecting to see a bonnet shop with Miss Bennett in it nextdoor!


It reminded me of one of those old fashion sweetshops, or a deli, basically shelves full of scrummy things all for the knitting. It even had a nice sofa to allow Mr LouBug to wait with saint-like patience in comfort.


I also had a little look at the notions and treated myself to some cute scissors and Hiya stitch markers.


A fantastic range of high-quality yarns (KnitWit, do notice the good use of baskets for storage, not quite Tupperware but nicer looking). If I wasn’t travelling I would have seriously investigated the jumper yarn, but the golden rule to a happy life is don’t buy jumper yarn if you can’t pop back for more, so I focused mainly on lace and socks.


And here is my (modest) haul, some vibrant green lace yarn and some sock yarn (because I obviously have none at home…). I am thinking either some kind of leaf motif or maybe Estonian lace for the green.


While I was in Bath I also visited Makey Makey, it is a fabric shop and I treated myself to some more fat quarters and buttons. A cute little shop handily located next to a pub! So Mr LouBug could re-enact his student life while I pottered about.



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