Panda Hat Delights!


Okay, so the over-ambitious plan of completing a knitting project every two days is out of the window already BUT check out my panda hat!

My potentially dodgy yarn substitution worked out fine (made the hat slightly larger than it should have been, so have gifted it to the bigger-headed Boy#1). Boy#2 is now the proud owner of the koala hat. Here they are reunited:


I am a massive fan of Vanessa Mooncie’s book Animal Hats, but not, it appears, as much as this crazy knitter! Tea & Knitting has managed to knit the penguin, panda, monkey and cat hats. All adult size and all brilliant. Maybe if I were 20 again, I’d be brave enough to wear them out and about. At my age though, I risk looking like a crazy bag lady…or risk “irreconcilable differences”…certainly one of the two.

Drum roll please – an animal hat photo collection:








The decreases for the koala hat went slightly deranged, but not so for the panda. Basically though, they are very easy to make and turn out really well. Spurred on by the chunky winter wool, I’ve acquired several balls of chunky this week (plus a pair of 12mm needles.


Not sure what to do with it all yet, but was thinking of trying Paulina Chin’s Speedy Cabled Cowl again, this time with a more appropriate yarn and needle size (the last effort was with yarn so chunky and needles not quite big enough, the results being more of a neck brace than a cowl…).



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