Storage Fetish


Turn away now if you are a normal person, who doesn’t salivate over genius storage solutions…I did warn you.

A bonus of my “light” obsession with storing things in their rightful place, is that when it comes to (finally) moving house, hey presto! most of my belongings are already cunningly stored in a various assortment of plastic boxes with lids.

Mr KnitWit’s reoccurring nightmare of being stored in a piece of Tupperware and left in a convenient, yet clutter-free, place (perhaps under the bed), might not be so outlandish after all.

Imagine my delight then when I found these delightful zip-up colourful gems. Reduced from £7.99 to a teeny £1.99 each at WH Smiths, they are the perfect size (and material – hard wearing fabric) for keeping knitting projects and needles out of boys’ harm’s way.


I thought 3 was enough – LouBug is probably scoffing right now at the mere thought. Remind us again crazy knitting lady, how many projects have you got on the go at the moment? I’ve counted at least a gazillion in the studio alone…and what of that pile of bags down the back of the sofa???

Fess up!!



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