When In Rome…


Or rather, when at LouBug’s house…what is one to do but rifle through all of her things?

It is hard to go into LouBug’s studio (think Channel 4 hoarders programme in the “before” scenes), and not be inspired. And inspired I am…

Buried beneath the bags and bags of projects, draws, cupboards and storage units are some great books and magazines. With this emporium of knowledge just waiting to be Hoovered up, where does one begin?

I have decided to set myself a challenge over the long summer break. I plan on sourcing materials and knitting one project every two days. What better way to start this challenge on a beautiful August day, than to start knitting a chunky woolly hat? I came across this book whilst rummaging through LouBug’s possessions one day – Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie.


It is a great book, quirky but very accessible. The best bit (after grappling with superfine yarn for my lace knit scarf), is that you see progress very quickly. Excellent.


Weirdly, the photo makes it look like I am knitting a rather strange cream coloured bikini top, but I assure you it is perfect koala grey ready for my perfect koala hat.

Wish me luck!



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