Summer Holiday Parallel Universe


LouBug and I are currently living in a parallel universe…We’re both at the start of the long school summer break, and have weeks and weeks yawning in front of us, but that is where the similarity ends…

LouBug has metaphorically kissed goodbye to her brood of children and skipped merrily into the joyous expanse of the summer break – au revoir pupils, this teacher has clocked off!

A swift phone call to LouBug HQ confirmed my fears that her only foray into “multi tasking” over the coming weeks will be reading her Kindle and knitting at the same time.

I, on the other hand, have skipped headlong into a chief supervisory role of two school’s-out-for-summer giddy boys. Yes, I know I birthed them and should brave the summer as one would stand firm against the ravages of a tornado…but please allow me just this one moment of wailing WHERE HAS ALL MY TIME GONE?!!

My case in point: The Scarf.

Several blog posts ago (back in the heady days of term time), I mused as to how I might create a wonderous lace pattern scarf. I did give it a go, efforts documented below:


Yes, you might well laugh, but this took ages. LouBug confirmed my fear, that this is the reality of knitting with cobwebs and that progress would be sloooooooow.

The combination of my current summer holiday time Hoover reality, and my need for near instant knitting gratification has lead me to The Cheat. LouBug has let me into a little knitting secret…Apparently you can fake lace knitting with some fine yarn, large needles, good blocking and rapid garter stitch.

My efforts above (shown again below, for those readers with stamina who have reached this far but can’t face scrolling back up), aren’t that inspiring.


It has a slight dish cloth aura, which really wasn’t the look I was after. Back to the drawing board. The Debbie Bliss yarn is too nice to waste, so although it pains me I shall be ripping it back and starting again with something new…ho hum.



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