Knitting Day Trip


It is entirely possible for me to go somewhere and not buy yarn…

Really, it is!

Ok, so the evidence is not looking good, but I would not like to create the illusion of mounting debt and windows being blocked by piles of yarn.

Some of this is helped by my sock yarn addiction. Sock yarn is (relatively) cheap, you only need 100g, uses up quickly and doesn’t take up much storage room. On those rare occasions I let Mr LouBug see the stash being aired I do point out to him that if this was sweater yarn we would need to hire a storage unit. I do ignore the mutterings that, if it was in a storage unit, he wouldn’t mind so much.

I am glad that I can get the fun of buying for a new project without breaking the bank and worrying about how to hide it. I am also reasonably good at operating a “one in one out” rule (sort of) and splurges are usually balanced by fasts.


So, taking advantage of the sun, we went on a nice little jaunt on the weekend to Long Melford and then onto Lavernham. For those of you not local, basically picture Tudor houses, 4X4s and tea rooms (which we naturally investigated). Long Melford has a lovely bead shop The Bead Boutique and I was able to feed my stitch marker obsession by buying up some cute Mary Quant style flowers and little tiny Fimo fruit.


Lavernham has a fantastic shop Café Knit, which rather handily also sells coffee and Rocky Road (perfect for keeping Mr LouBug happy). It is a lovely shop and is definitely more of a delicatessen style yarn shop (not a squeak of acrylic to be seen) full of yummy yarns in a range of good colours.


I got myself a nice little haul, and I am especially pleased with my new “stitch dots”.


These are slotted into your work (a bit like cuff links) and are brilliant for large projects (paging “grannies garden” giant square). You can use them to mark you progress, and (more importantly) feel like you are making some! I already have a couple but they are often parked in projects and it is good to have spares to bling up projects.


Flushed with success on my mighty mittens (the purple and green colourwork ones), I have bought two perfect shades of blue alpaca. I am going to use the basic mitten recipe I worked out from the mighty mittens and have a go with this wave pattern (The Harmony Guides: Colourwork Stitches: 250 Designs to Knit by Susie Johns). The main change to my recipe is that this time I am going to include a “thumb gusset”. This basically means you are increasing from the wrist to the thumb, which should allow more wiggle room in the palm. Fingers crossed I have enough yarn!


I also got some denim blue “Artesano” sock yarn, not a brand I have used before, but solid shades are surprisingly hard to find (and very useful for complex stitch patterns). I am more than willing to give it a whirl.

As you can see from the photo, I think I was very restrained. There was a healthy amount of lace weight yarn whispering in my ear, and some lovely Noro sock yarn just sitting up and begging (like the last puppy in the pound) to be taken home.



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