Faster Than A Speeding Bug


I freely admit that I can be a bit flighty when it comes to projects, and that I only tend to make a pattern once (apart from the odd pair of socks).

Most of this is rooted in the length of time it takes to complete the project and my reluctance to dilute the “one in existence” magic that knitting can give. A large part of the fun for me is the planning and the dreaming of new possibilities and then the satisfaction (or screaming frustration) attached to seeing them in action. I often only get through the tough last sections of a project by dreaming and plotting my next one along.


In a universe-shifting moment, I have made a shrug that took a matter of days to make and took very little planning. This has propelled me into making not only a second one (purple) but soon-to-be started thirdsy helping of blue shrug goodness.

This is a really useful shrug as it can be crushed into a small ball in a bag, hides my wobbly upper arms and allows free air flow – but I do admit that it is a comedy tan line waiting to happen.


This shrug has also made me re-appraise my crochet reluctance. The case against me and crochet is that I find it a bit too fiddley for TV watching, eats yarn and the fabric can have a poor drape (which annoys me). All of this falls under, “It’s not you it’s me” and I am forced to admit that I might have been a bit hasty.

After-all, I do like crochet 3D items (bags and toys) as the stiff fabric does lend itself to shaped items. I also like granny squares: They are quick, quirky and I can knock them out without much brain work (although my giant green granny square can only be worked on for about an hour before the heat drives me back to lighter projects).

Looking at projects I have made over the last few years I seem to prefer knitting, but I definitely have more crochet items than I realised. Basically they sneaked in because they were the best method for the job in hand.


This shrug is a case in point. The back is lattice crochet and I made it in one evening (a fact that blows my tiny mind).

Being lattice work, it was quite easy as there is a big gap to aim for and not the normal fiddley inside the stitch to get to, making it good TV work. But the trim is knitted, which gives a more elastic and drapey fabric (it took about two to three evenings to finish).

Anyone else out there a secret crocheter?



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