Well, I Blame KnitWit…


I refuse to believe this is my fault. I was all set up to knit my hearts shrug, socks, bath mitt and lacy scarf. All nice, physically light projects and all suitable for the hot summer weather. All made from cottons, linens or 4ply yarn and all things that can be kept out of my lap to prevent me melting into a sad little heap. Such fine plans. And then KnitWit rather meanly shows me photos of fibre flower making. How selfish is that?


This (naturally) led me to review my flower books and from there I now want to make more flowers. My inner five-year-old will not let up, it wants flowers and it wants them NOW!

It is a demanding creature and even buying more flower books hasn’t shut it up. I’ve got 75 Birds and Butterflies to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield and Quick Knit Flower Frenzy: 17 Mix & Match Knitted Flowers by Annie’s.

Accepting my fate, I then started to look at old flower scarves and brooches and worked out whether I really need another one. So far so crazy.


So, I was content to simply make some more flowers and then LYS (Franklin’s) had a yarn sale. If you can walk past those magic words then you are stronger than me. My plans for a few brooches has been blasted out of the water – they had chunky 50% merino/acrylic in the perfect shade of dark green, and if that wasn’t tempting enough it was at 50% off.

Seriously, is this a conspiracy? How can I possibly not make a double bed throw out of dark green that will be covered in flowers?


So, here is the plan (heat exhaustion allowing). I am going to make a giant green granny square and cover it in flowers (I might resist making all 207 mentioned in the books), with the odd butterfly and ladybird. It shall be beautiful and as it is chunky, it should work up relatively quickly.

I have deconstructed a little-worn flower scarf (nothing against it, I just made a better one that got worn more). This will give me a 15 flower head start, and I figure that I can make as many or as few flowers as I want.


The genius of this plan is that if I get distracted onto another project (*gasps from the back row*), I can add to it over time but still have a finished object. With luck, it should be ready in time for the winter – and who can resist snuggling up under flowers in the winter?



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