The Knitted Bib


I have accidentally knitted myself a bib. It was supposed to be an 8 triangle ‘Wingspan’ knitted shawl thing, but a couple of things have got in the way of its completion. Read on, weary reader…read on…

1. An easy mistake to make (if you’re a half-wit, or indeed a KnitWit), but I didn’t process a crucial piece of information during the early days of pattern study. Turns out if you double the ply (requested yarn was sock yarn, I used DK), then apparently you double the weight.

This was relayed to me by my mathematically challenged sister, LouBug, when it was way too late. I, with the ‘ology’ degree, failed to compute this. The natural conclusion to this oversight has been that my 100g of DK didn’t get me very far and my ‘shawl’ has only 3 triangles, not the promised 8. Boo hoo.


2. Buy more yarn! I hear you all cry. Well, that would be the obvious thing to do. Looking at the striped horror, I prefer to cut my losses. Five more triangles probably wouldn’t add much to this item, the stripes aren’t great and I don’t love it enough to plough on. A bib it is then. I haven’t been put off though – I would definitely attempt this again…WITH SOCK YARN!

3. Once this decision had been made I decided to go ‘off-piste’ a little. Flush with excitement at my newly acquired skill of turning my work and casting on new stitches, I fashioned myself a short tie in order to secure the bib around my neck in case I decided to every wear it. Which is unlikely, fear not. Retract your hovering dialling finger, the fashion police are not needed.


Rows and rows of garter stitch have also helped my general knitting abilities. I am excited to report that I have trumped LouBug’s “I can knit whilst reading my Kindle” and proudly broadcast that I can knit and read and actually follow a French TV series with SUBTITLES. Ha!

For anyone who has not been watching The Returned, your life is all the poorer.



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