Retail Therapy


With the end of term coming up thick and fast, we have just experienced our school “activities week”. Although this is good fun for both us and the kids, it is rather like being hit by a freight train. It is completely full on, with no room to draw breath or chug coffee (a bit like a toddler’s birthday party). There is a serious amount of planning needed to make this week work, but unfortunately things still get a little last-minute.


I was obviously heartbroken that, in the name of work, I had to pop to the Tiptree Cheap Shop last Saturday to buy a few items that hadn’t arrived. There is a particular fear that is generated when the materials you need for an activity haven’t arrived and there is the real chance that you will have to face a group without anything to do.

Realising that this was going to be a tough week, I opted for the carrot and stick approach and treated myself to some more jitterbug sock yarn (mmmmm jitterbug). This is my own personal catnip. It was always going to be impossible for me to be near jitterbug and not buy some, so I have two new skeins: Forest and Lagoon (which is much more lagoon-like than the photo does justice).


My plan for “Forest” is to do Cookie A’s Wandia (Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques & Patterns for One-of-a-Kind Socks: Knitting Techniques and Patterns for One-of-a Kind Socks). This is a mock woven style lattice and having recently read The Hunger Games, I will call the sock “Katniss” as I think it is very her.

I haven’t got any fixed plans for Lagoon, so I think I will just pet it a while and possibly make a shawl. So now the week is over I shall sip my beer and wind these into yarn cakes, life is good!



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