Musings from the Brink


In response to LouBug’s mutterings as to the additional skills knitting has furnished her with – I counter it with my musings on how my knitting has generally benefited humankind. In your face LouBug!

1. Keeping my idle fingers and thumbs busy. This has been of particular benefit recently to my estate agent/all those involved with my current house move. Knitting has prevented me from repeatedly hitting ‘re-dial’ on my phone and asking for house-moving status updates every 20 minutes. Ditto over-use of email/fax/carrier pigeon. Indeed, any kind of communication method that could be abused in these current fraught times.

2. Along a similar line to the above. My evenings have been taken up frenziedly knitting various items, which reduces the amount of time I have to endlessly speculate on the status of my move. Pressing questions such as ‘what has my estate agent been doing all day, if not working tirelessly on my move (and my move alone)?’ have been cast aside. This has been of particular benefit to Mr KnitWit’s quality of life.

3. There are new schools of thought that advocate a ‘benign neglect’ approach to parenting. An antidote to the hot-housing and helicopter parenting style. Letting children play unhindered, expanding their imagination, letting them get bored. I have definitely become an A* pupil at this parenting school. Knitting has thus benefited future generations. Boy#1 and Boy#2 are sometimes so bored of waiting for me to finish some crucial knitting stage (like actually getting to the end of a row without interruption), that they actually go and find themselves something to do. Voila, millions of new brain connections created. New decision pathways formed. To draw on the carpet or draw on the wall? The world is their oyster.



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