Summer’s Here!


The sun is shining, a Brit has won Wimbledon and I’ve managed to get through the last few days without 3rd degree sunburn – it’s like summer, but not as we know it…

To complete this summer theme, I’ve a new addition to my dining table. These knitted flowers/convenient pen holders took waaaaay longer to complete than I expected, but look great. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the photo just doesn’t do them justice.

By the fifth flower, I was a little board (the pattern from Knitterings shows ten in the final image, special praise for stamina).

I managed five, but what with the sorting of trailing ends, blocking and general botching of ones that had gone a bit wrong, it did take a while.

Flower timeline, plus associated musing for your digestion below:

Stage one – getting my brain around icords, ready for stem creation.


Stage two – First dodgy looking petal completed.


Stage three – Getting there.


Stage four – Time to tidy up all those random bits of wool.


Stage five – Genius!


Stage six – Blocking. Note the lack of drawing pins thanks to KnitWit-In-Law.


Stage seven – Complete!






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