Iz got skilz (or the things we learn)


What do you think of my icing? The joys of teaching 5 modular technology subjects often results in me needing to brush up on skills that fall out of my daily subject specialism. Recently this led to me frantically practising icing techniques late in the evening (like a kid that has forgotten to do an extended homework). A surprisingly good effort considering my main subject is woodwork.

This got me wondering about the unrealised skills we knitters have gained. I mean the ability to knit is quite complicated, but do we get any credit for the accidental skills we have gained along the way?

1: The ability to count large numbers quickly. Before you pat me on the shoulder and move on, consider this: what other thing do you do in your life where you have to accurately count hundreds of small things? Extra point is you can do it without using a sing-song voice!

2: The ability to quickly find small dropped items. The speed is often linked to fear or pain. Fear of dropping stitches or the pain of treading on something sharp. I consider this good training for future parenthood, when my ability to spot a Lego figure on the floor will prevent me from accidentally teaching Junior new swear words.

3: The ability to hide a large amount of yarn in a small space. And then convincingly lie about how much you have….

4: The ability to accurately size someone up for knitted items. Admit it, who hasn’t casually estimated their friend’s shoe size or scarf size while chatting about the telly. I’m not sure if you get extra points or not if you turn detective and investigate by measuring their shoes, as that could be considered cheating.

5: The ability to lay your hands on a pen and tape measure in less than two minutes. This weirded out Mr LouBug the other day when he needed to know his head/hat size (as you do) and I didn’t need to put my knitting down or leave my chair to get a tape measure. Extra points if you have one in your pocket right now.

6: The ability to lay your hands on a needle and thread in less than two minutes (extra points if you’re not at home at the time). Seriously, there are a lot of people out there who don’t even have the sewing kit from a cracker in their homes.

7: The ability to identify colours by more than their primary and secondary colour names. Not just green, but sap green, bottle green or sea green. A very important skill when ordering yarn online. Extra points if you are thinking “but which shade of sap green?”

8: The ability to wait half an hour for someone without getting increasingly annoyed. Knitters don’t knit because they are calm people, we knit to keep us from going on a rampage of boredom.

9: The ability to quietly follow someone around a supermarket just because you like their jumper and are wondering how the cables link up at the yoke. Tigers have nothing on our stalking skills.

10: The ability to accurately judge travel times on public transport so that you maximise your knitting time, but don’t have to frantically hug it to you and rush off the train/bus. Extra points for every roundabout and double points if you are standing up on the morning train commute crush.

Any other skills that I have missed?



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