Au Revoir Drawing Pins


Oh joyous joy, check out my new knitting bag :-). Thanks to KnitWit In-Laws for an excellent choice (maybe a telepathic vision of me salivating over a similar bag online was beamed across at just the right moment).

My current WIPs are housed in a vessel high, high, high above the range little arms with grubby mitts might be able to reach. It is quite a gamble keeping my work in this lovely knitting bag at floor level. No prying small boy eyes yet, maybe I’ve got away with it. Only time will tell whether my painstakingly slow progress with the lace knit will be cast aside and the knitting needles used as makeshift light sabres…

The flowers are progressing well. Somehow, and I have literally no idea how, I have accumulated a good number of balls of pink DK. I have decided five flowers will probably be enough to make a small desk bouquet, with each shade of the pink yarn I found.


Inside the knitting bag present I found a small box of pins, which hopefully will put an end to “Drawing Pin Gate”. This newly acquired item has definitely bumped me up a few knitting levels, pretty much to “semi-profesh” by my calculations. Watch out LouBug…

Progress Report



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