Bath Mitt Plans


Please forgive my new bag, but sometimes you have to just run with it!

So the socks are gradually growing and my mind is drawn back to plans and playing. I have test washed my ducky and heart bath mitts, both in the bath and in the washing machine.

Ducky worked well and softened after use, but perhaps a little bit wide for my child-sized hands. The heart one looked much better when I turned it inside out but ye gods, it grew like you wouldn’t believe the second it hit water! Seriously, it went from being wrist length to almost elbow length in seconds. I have heard all about the magic growing power of cotton, but I have never seen it happen in seconds before.


So, I am already thinking about the next one. Definitely needs to be orange (just because) and I thought I would try a different weight this time (Aran). Luckily it is the same brand as the yellow ducky one, so I am confident that it will be just as soft.


So now I am planning and dreaming about the pattern. One side will be plain (as that has worked well with the other two), and I am currently torn between zig zags and a smiley face. The temptation to try cables has occurred but I am not sure how that will be as a washing surface. The lace was a bit annoying on the heart one as it snagged the soap (but that could be down to the number of yarn overs).

The search for the perfect pattern continues. Any thoughts from your own bath mitt knits?



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