Knitted Flowers


At the risk of my new home resembling LouBug’s knitted grotto, I have decided to err on the side of caution and confine my knitted wonders to one space. This is, of course, because I couldn’t actually replicate LouBug’s abode even if I wanted to, what with my distinct lack of quality and quantity. That aside, my efforts are probably safer in a group. Safety in numbers. The odd knitted cake dotted around might look weird. Together though…magnificent!

This musing has been at the forefront of my mind as I’ve searched Ravelry looking for the perfect item to compliment my ‘arrangement’. Thought process…fake teacup, fake chocolates, fake cakes, fake biscuit…fake flowers of course!

A great blog by Knitterings has led me to these delightful additions (thanks for the photo go to Knittering blogspot)


I followed a really easy tutorial (complete with photos) and did the stem and a petal in no time. The tutorial I followed on YouTube used double-pointed needles for the icords (and I used 4.5mm circular needles), but apart from that it was quite straightforward. Just have to finish the other petals…and knit about another ten to fill my ‘vase’. A small pot with a cosy around it perhaps? I hear Val Pierce’s Knitted Mug Hugs (Twenty to Make) calling – I’m sure I have a copy upstairs…



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