Mighty Mittens


Well, one bonus of having a project bag sort out was that I unearthed a half-finished pair of colour work mittens (that and the fact that both Cat and Mr LouBug can go back to politely fighting over the spare chair in the utilities room).

My bag sort was mainly focused on working out which bags had works-in-progress, and which ones had yarn and patterns but no actual casting on. I then took a long hard look at the non-started projects and worked out if I was actually going to make them. If yes, then I found needles and did a token cast on. If no, then it went back in the stash.


Oddly, and despite the fact that about 500g of yarn was added to it, the stash box now closes in a way it didn’t before. Admittedly I did sort the stash bags out, but nothing was taken out (just colour and fibre sorted).

I think this falls under the same type of mystery as losing weight despite having an ice cream only diet for a week and then suddenly gaining half a stone despite being on a rabbit food and gym-based regime. Ultimately the universe will balance and I foresee a point when I will try to add just one more ball and it will suddenly overflow uncontrollably.


So here they are, my first all over colour work mittens!

The yarn was from Loop (50g each of alpaca), the basic pattern is my own but the colour work pattern was from Susie Johns’ The Harmony Guides: Colourwork Stitches: 250 Designs to Knit.

I stuffed the colour work up a bit on the decreases (I shall see how it wears and then either live with it or Swiss darn it), but otherwise a bit of a win.


Here is an inside/outside view (do note the evenly spaced floats!).


I even took some advice and gave them a little bath. I was very twitchy about them felting (as they were a bit snug to start with) especially as it was pure wool, but they came out safe and sound. They have actually come out better than expected as the yarn has relaxed a bit and now has a slight (but lovely) halo. Over time, the inside should “full” a bit (I think this is a mild form of felting), which will make them a little thicker and even more snuggly.

Now all I have to do is resist the temptation to wear them out in June….



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