Galaxy Swirl Lap Blanket


Firstly (totally un-knit related), how cool is my rose?! I have never seen a triple centred rose before, so I thought I’d better cut it before it got blown about and wrecked. Is it a mutant? I am intrigued (and slightly wondering if it is really common, but I have failed to notice one before). I think I will buy a lotto ticket this week in case it has a four-leaf clover effect!

So, if next week I am typing this from my millionaire Alpaca farm, then you know it was a magical flower after all….


I did it! I finished the (newly re-named) Galaxy Swirl lap blanket. Even more impressive I have put the empty project bag away and not immediately filled it with a new project! Talking to KnitWit about blocking, I thought I would show a few blocking photos (note the lack of drawing pins *hee hee*).

galaxy 3

So this is its natural, pre-blocked state (with really curly edges).


I know a lot of people work on towels or blocking boards, but personally I work straight onto the carpet. Not best practice but it works for me! First I pinned the centre star and then systematically worked from centre to edge, gently spraying, stroking outwards and stretching as I went. Me being me, I also measure checked that all points were stretched to the same length.

galaxy 5

I then gave it a good spray down and left it for about an hour. I then carefully unpinned the centre and stretched it some more. Like before, I gradually worked outwards repositioning the pins as I went.


I then left it overnight, gave it another spray down in the morning and removed the pins when I got home from work. Like magic I now have non-curly and nicely defined points! It always amazes me how much blocking improves the drape and feel of the fabric (strangely it seems softer) and gives it a freshly ironed shirt kind of aura.



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