Quick Knits & Goldfish Brains


Pah, I thought to LouBug’s last post. What kind of a goldfish brain does my sister LouBug have?! Zillions of started, and yet unfinished, projects loaded up and she STILL keeps starting new projects! Aside from my ongoing Wingspan scarf, I start a project…then finish it (eventually) – does this make me a smug knitter?

On closer inspection, it seems it is I who is the goldfish brain. The vast majority of my projects (knitted elephants aside), are short-lived and quick to complete. Perhaps it is me who lacks patience…

You can imagine my pleasure, then, when the Let’s Knit supplement from July fell into my lap “Easy One-Ball Knits 17 Patterns”. The combination of “easy” and “make in a weekend” has lured me in.

The two patterns I like the most are ‘Clyde’ the knitted bunny and “Melanie” lace scarf.

Behold my latest WIPs!





Yes, I know I always get my patterns from Let’s Knit…and no, I do not own shares in the magazine and I am not paid for its promotion (sadly). I’m just a sad creature of habit šŸ™‚



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