Bling Dat Knitting!


(Yes Cat was asleep exactly where I wanted to take this photo and yes, he did give me the stink eye when I put it on him!)

I am happy to say that I have solved my problem of running out of project bags (while happily ignoring the other problem of my overflowing project box).

No, I didn’t go on a mad finishing up spree. I solved the problem by making more bags! However, after a few pointed comments from Mr LouBug at the loss of his chair in the utilities room, I have started to wind projects up (either that or I have found a new place to hide them – bwahaha).


I also managed to add to my stitch marker collection. I know KnitWit doesn’t get my minor obsession with stitch markers, but there is something very nice about having little tiny charms hanging from your knitting.


Seeing a tiny teacup and knowing that I am halfway around a row is a nice way of coping with a row of 300 stitches (as is mentally telling yourself to knit to the ladybird and then stop to make dinner).

I also like the way that some of my sets have evolved (rather than bought at the same time). I now have a fairytale set with everything from a frog (to kiss and turn into a prince), a high heel shoe (to leave behind before midnight), and a dragon (just because).

Maybe soon I will find a tiny spinning wheel, a mouse, or a swan’s feather. The on-going mission continues!


This led me to wonder what other things people do to bling up their knitting. I have a couple of “knit dots” that you can wiggle into your knitting (like a cuff link) and are really useful when doing a million yards of stockinette (scarves, blankets and the like).



I use them to mark an inch under my start point so I can actually feel like I am making progress and don’t have to resort to obsessive stretching and measuring.

It does work quite well as you can focus on how much you have knit in your session rather than how much has been done overall (and helps avoid the Groundhog Day feeling of knitting and knitting and knitting but not getting any further along).

So, what do you do to bling up your WIPs (rather than the finished object)? Any ideas for me to add more glam to my knits?



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