Bad Knitter


Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m a bad person. I’ve kept the booties for myself. What kind of horror knit-gifter am I?!

But look! Look at this boot! There is only one of them, and I cannot bear to be parted from it! I assure you, this isn’t some kind of misplaced crazy lady baby hunger…I just really like the boot! It doesn’t even have any function – there is currently only one and the youngest person in this household is a great big foot-stamping-nearly-three-year-old.

To start with, I thought I’d try a similar pair to LouBug’s booties from the other day, the ‘Philly’ ones in July’s issue of Let’s Knit (easy one-ball knits supplement). The one boot didn’t come out as nicely as I’d hoped, although granted it’ll probably look better once I’ve knocked out the ankle strap.


I hunted around and found another Let’s Knit supplement (Handknitted for Baby, not sure what month) and found this:



The ‘Bravo’ booties looked great and have turned out amazingly, despite me basically knitting with one eye shut as I couldn’t bear to see how the short rows were or were not turning out.




The surprise absence of massive holes in the work (thanks to You Tube) is somewhat of a miracle. The single boot has taken pride of place on my mantle piece and I hot-footed it to M&S today to purchase a baby gift. Bad knitter.



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