Hitting the Knitted Wall


Round of applause please, I haven’t project parked my rainbow swirl blanket!

I am, however, a bit of a flight risk…it seems never ending! I am starting to wonder if someone is sneakily unwinding the work in the night and putting it back on the ball. Either that, or there is a reverse black hole (white hole?) in the centre and it is slowly feeding yarn back into the ball.

I have worked out that each row is now about 360 stitches (and rising) and the progressive lace pattern adds interest, but sweet mother of moth it is testing my resolve. At the point when you think that a row must be done, you realise that you are not even close.


This made me think that knitting is like an endurance run. Small projects could be deemed as training for the big ones. Choosing our yarn/needles is done with the same care as choosing your trainers and clothes. We also get moments of praise and cheering from the side-lines (no one has offered me bottles of water though). Moments when we are over taken by seven sea scouts carrying a cannon, and moments when it seems effortless and we are flying along.


But like with all endurance events, there is the wall. The point when continuing along seems impossible and yet you keep trying.

Admittedly for running that would involve pain, cramps and throwing up – knitting it is more zoning out, giving a sad little sigh and stop/ starting a lot. But it is always difficult when other, more fun, projects are nipping at your heels. The simple love of the colours and the sequins and the swirl should carry me through, but there is a resolve in my heart (rather than pleasure) when I pick up the project bag.




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