Inspiration Needed


It feels like ages since I’ve posted a blog – luckily LouBug has gallantly been holding the fort. Her output is seemingly on an industrial scale, how on earth she produces so many knitted items (and presumably still makes it into work now and then) I’ll never know.

Stuck in a no man’s land between selling and buying a home, I haven’t been able to stop obsessively checking my emails for news long enough to pick up a pair of needles. Enough nail-biting though, my shredded nerves need a break!

In an attempt to get back in the loop, I picked up a couple of magazines at the shops today. First off, Knit Today, an old favourite. What, dear reader, caught my eye first? Ha, yes – twas LouBugKnits of course! July issue ‘Top 5 tweets this month’: me, me, me!

I’m sure I tweeted about that custard cream when I was in Freezing-on-Sea on holiday months ago, and it is now definitely No Coat Weather, but hey ho. Who am I to complain with my name in print!

I did knit that custard cream in the end. Proof below. Back to my magazine flicking though. I need inspiration. I need to get back into that knitting loop once more.




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