Knitting a Rainbow


Ok, so I have the attention span of a kitten in a butterfly tent. This is well documented. Just look at my pile of WIPs (no, seriously, have a good look, there are some common themes (and a lot of purple) but many projects stop/started so long ago it boggles even me).

Conversely that is twinned with brief bursts of solo knitting that cannot be forced, focused or trained (or I would be able to start Christmas knitting in September). So despite my declarations of intent over bath mitts, Christmas and socks, I have been consumed by a new project.


This is the Radiating Star pattern by Alexis Layton. I originally made this pattern a fair few years ago, but I could only afford to use acrylic, and didn’t really understand the point of blocking.


Luckily I mentioned it to my knitting group and they warned me about not ironing acrylic (picture a group of women doing a slow motion “Nooooooo” as they dived between me and the imaginary iron) and I wet blocked it as best as I could. I then fell slowly and completely in love with the finished object. A proper lace project. It wasn’t another scarf (another mild addiction of mine), and most importantly it was purple. The yarn also had a slightly heathered effect, which, after only working with single blocked colours, impressed my younger self no end.


Now, I do still love this lap blanket and I do love the easy, progressive lace pattern that swirls out of a star in the middle. One thing that I was always a bit annoyed about was the one in the picture has points blocked in on the edge and mine wouldn’t (and believe me I tried!).


Until now! So here goes radiating star blanket #2. A nice wool-based yarn (with an added bonus of sequins built in the yarn roughly every 6 inches) that flows from one gorgeous colour to the next. I especially love, love, love the way the colour-way made the inside star all purple.

I am on the second ball now (although I chose DK instead of the suggested chunky as I wanted a lighter shawl/blanket). I have started to hit the wall – one that only 300-400 stitches to a row can produce. Eye of the tiger! And hopefully this won’t fall from grace and end up for a brief six-month stay in the project box!



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