Kicking Booties


Let’s gloss over miserable days spent marking and staring at the poor weather, and instead focus on sunshine and crafting!


Well, operation “Mission of Mercy” went well, although I forgot to grab a photo of the finished object. All I have is a work-in-progress shot (so please imagine an object of manly wool-based wonder).

So, thanks to a box-set marathon, the comfort socks were successfully completed in record time and deployed for some woolly TLC. Not bad for a wide fit, shoe size 10 sock! Unfortunately, it has got in Mr LouBug’s brain the idea that large man socks can be produced quickly and effort free. Hopefully I can re-instil the idea of it being a feat of superhero knitting power before he starts edging towards my stash box.


Christmas knitting has officially begun and I have now finished a “Sid the Owl” from Let’s Knit and a matched pair of booties for my nieces (rocking a bit of a flower fairy vibe with the colours). Admittedly it wasn’t originally planned as a sister set. I made a bit of a boo boo with the sizing, and the booties aimed at a one-year-old came out at 10.5 cm. A quick look through my books later, and I found a sizes chart which happily gave me 10.5cm for a 3-4 year old!


In a fit of efficiency I have also bagged up all my Christmas projects, so I have all my yarn set aside and ready to go. My plan is a rather leisurely one Christmas project per month to (hopefully) bring me a stress-free Christmas knit. Oh stop laughing! We all know it will go to pot, but I can try!


So, anyone else started on their Christmas knits yet?



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