Half Term Knitting!

half term

Year 11 have now submitted, Year 10 are mid module and I have hidden lower school marking in the boot of the car. Time to hit the yarn!

half term 2

First things first. I have been gradually collecting cool charms, but not doing much with them. As a girl really can’t have enough bling on her knitting, I plan to make some stitch markers and maybe knock out some new project bags (believe it or not, all my small and mid-size ones are currently either in use or holding yarn in the queue).

half term3

Now some people might take that as a message from the universe that it is time to stop bagging projects and get knitting instead. There is something nice though about wanting to start a new project and then finding the pattern, yarn and needles already bagged up. It is like having posh knit kits lined up! Also (and let’s be honest) it helps ease the crowding in my stash box and also hides the amount of yarn I have actually got. A few of the bags have live projects that have been “resting” for a while and I will try to knock off a few rows on them to help them out of the projects pile and into my wardrobe.

half term 4

One priority knit for me this half term, is a special pair of socks for a teenage son of a friend. He has had a foot operation and is facing both exams and most of summer in plaster. I don’t often knit for people I don’t know that well, but he is a sweet kid that looks after his mum and I figure a random act of kindness should drive some good karma his way. I also figure that when the plaster comes off he will need some large, soft socks to protect his poor tootsies.



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  1. scouseaspie
    May 29, 2013 @ 11:31:13

    Hope you’re enjoying the half term break 🙂


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