Where are my Priorities?!


Okay, I’ll admit it…I’ve added about 3 rows to my scarf in about as many weeks. What kind of world are we living in where such woolly pursuits are put to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list? How have I let this happen?!

Several things have taken priority over knitting delights (and more importantly, writing about knitting delights) so far this past week.

My evenings have been cruelly snatched by the following:

1. Trying to make a child-trashed flat look presentable enough for someone to want to buy it. Tricky, as can only be done whilst the munchkins are asleep, and yet hard work all unravelled once they are awake. A futile pursuit.

One must work very quickly and with purpose so that the de-cluttering and painting is done faster than the munchkins can un-do it.

So far, walls have been freshly painted. So far, walls have been ruined by the paint coming off a blue toy as said toy was carefully smashed up against my freshly painted wall – up an entire flight of stairs. Grrrrr.

De-cluttering is more of a success. The plan is to re-home so much stuff that we can save on a removals van. I plan for all of our my husband’s possessions to be stacked in the wheely bin outside our house taken to charity.

2. The over-night stay of Mr LouBug. It was both wrong and unfeasible to start knitting whilst Mr LouBug was perched in my sitting room. Wrong, because I felt he deserved a break from the yarn-crazy world of living with my sister. Unfeasible, because I had a large glass of wine in my hand. Thanks for the bottle of vino, Mr LouBug.

3. School disco. Yes, you read correctly. I was at a school disco one evening. Not like a school reunion, but an actual infant school disco. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds.

The sensory overload I was subjected to with over a hundred hyped-up under 10s, thumping disco music and rancid wine can only be un-done with about a week in one of those isolation tanks. Perhaps with someone gently stroking my hand, administering soothing, milky drinks.

4. Dragon Boat Racing. No I haven’t made that one up. I did actually spend (part of) a day racing in a boat, a bit like a giant canoe, with a dragon head and tail.

Excellent fun, and excellent for raising charitable funds, but not very helpful on the old knitting-up-a-storm-and-blogging-about-it front.

The conclusion to all of this, is that even if there doesn’t appear to be much time, it is still worth just pottering along with one row here and there. They all add up in the end. Just ask LouBug. She’s managed to knit whole pairs of socks in her few spare lunch hour minutes.



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