Yarnstorming South London

LouBug's crochet blanket

LouBug’s crochet blanket

My musings about yarn bombing have been mentioned before on this blog “Yarn bombing makes me want to guffaw out loud, snigger into my coffee and shout from the hilltops ‘LOOK, A KNITTED TEA COSY ON A BOLLARD. HOW BLOODY FUNNY IS THAT?’. Don’t tell me you don’t know what it is – GOOGLE IT FOOLS! IT’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

I even managed to dream up my top three places to devastate with knitted creations:

1. Somewhere pretentious. I’m thinking Emperor’s New Clothes. I’m thinking maybe the Tate circa 1999. Yes, perhaps a lovely crochet blanket for Tracey Emin’s Bed. Sorry LouBug, but I’m going to have to sacrifice the blanket (see photo above) you created for my equally lovely second born son and borrow your Tardis to go back in time. In your face Turner prize winner!

2. Second on the list…who needs cheering up? Decision made – yarn bomb Jeremy Paxman’s head with a balaclava! Ok, purists, I know it isn’t in the covert spirit of the game (unless I wore a balaclava as well? Ok, getting ahead of myself now). Worth it though, no?

3. Knitted wheel clamps for that one off Top Gear. Nuff said.

Knit the City are surely the Queens of graffiti knitting and I recently read their latest post about yarnstorming South London. It is literally brilliant. READ IT!

Blooming Brixton: Yarnstorming South London



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