Oh Red Scarf, How I Love You!


Look at this scarf! It looks like it has been knitted by a genius, but instead it has been knitted by a KnitWit!

Aside from the Seaweed Scarf, I’ve never knitted anything that didn’t resemble a rather basic knitted effort.

The combination of the light-weight sock yarn and the clever (yet fiendishly simple) lace pattern has (half) created something I might actually wear. I shall be spending my children’s inheritance on a full, front page advert on the front of The Times simply to show off my knitting prowess once this delight is finished.

Revel in its glory so far (One Row Lace Scarf by Turvid):

Stage 1 – The Yarn


Stage 2 – Knitting a few rows, it becomes apparent I’m onto a winner!


Stage 3 – Getting there!





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