Summer is here – Time for a Knitted Shrug!


My plans for knitting two projects (a winter and a summer) to dare the sun to make an appearance have worked! The sun is shining, cold drinks have been served and my LouBugs basic mitre square cushions are well positioned (which The Cat took full advantage of when he finally woke up). Life is good!


I have also now finished my new shrug, with a new personal best for speed. The main back piece is crocheted and the trim is knitted in rib, it follows the basic shrug construction of a large rectangle folded in half. I am very pleased with the quickness of this (about 3 evenings’ work) and I am already playing with it being a stash buster pattern, as it only took 100g of DK.

Yarn allowing, I might try a shell crochet edge that the rib then attaches to (to allow for extra frou-frou). Stripes are also a possibility, as it would do interesting things to the crochet panel.


I will post a better picture of it (as the pillow doesn’t really do it justice) when I can find a willing model. Sadly Mr LouBug refused. I might even be able to do something artsy at work with the mannequins if they aren’t being used.

I am still stuck for a good name for this. “Airy shrug” is a reasonable description, but lacks punch. I am tempted by “Cro-knit shrug” to help cover its dual craft approach, but that kinda sounds a bit like Cro-magna and it is definitely evolved! Mr Loubug (helpful as ever) said that it looked like a fishnet, but “fish wife” isn’t a name anyone wants to wear!

Any ideas?




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