A Tale of Two Projects


The weather cannot make up its mind, so I am currently pushing to finish two very different projects. One for the weather we are having and one for the weather I want to happen.

So, first up, bitter reality:


These are super warm (do note the extra snuggly cuffs) mitre mittens using fluffy Regia and the left over Jitterbug from my recent socks. The pattern is from Zimmermann’s KNITTER’S ALMANAC, but I have used a ribbed cuff which is long enough to fold over rather than the mitre/ i-cord cuff as written.


I heartily recommend doing cuffs twice as long as needed and then folding them over, as it really works in stopping the evil cold wind creeping down your arms.

It has an added bonus for those days it is cold enough for a coat but not a jumper, as you can roll the sleeves down and keep your bare arms snuggly.

Now, the hope of better weather:


This is a super airy shrug, for those days when it is breathlessly hot but I am too shy to let the world see my chunky, wobbly upper arms.

It is a mix of crochet and knitting, uses Patrons “Serenity” and is a LouBug original.

It is a nice yarn, but be warned as it can be splitty (which can be a bit of a pain on the crochet). It is working up nicely and I am already tempted to hunt down some cheery red and make a second one.


The back worked up really quickly (about 3 hours) and while doing it I really wished I enjoyed doing crochet more. Don’t get me wrong, I can and do crochet reasonably regularly, I freely acknowledge that it does some jobs really well and it is second to none for little toys.

But I cannot get into the same zone-out rhythm as knitting, which always makes me reluctant to start projects with it in. There is also the issue of mistakes. Knitting allows for “row below” style repairs, but I have had to frog too many crochet items when I have mistakenly chained 3 not 4 and not realised until the next row.

So, which project is going to win? Will the mittens get worn before the autumn or will I have to shelve the shrug until August?




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