LouBug Designs – Rock On!


Ok, so I admit that I’m showing off, but I was very impressed when I logged into Ravelry and checked out my original LouBug Knits Design Page.

My Mitre Square Blanket seems to be a bit of a winner, with 39 people adding it to their favourites and 10 people having it in their queued projects. I am really looking forward to seeing what people do with the patterns (hint to anyone who has done any of them – I want photos!).

As I have never “released” my patterns into the wild before I was definitely a bit showing-random-people-on-the-bus level of excited. Sorry if that was you. Sorry if you got off a stop early to avoid the crazy knit person on the bus. And sorry if you felt the need to buy yarn as therapy afterwards. Bwahaha!

Naturally, our blog gets first shout on all new free patterns (you will notice that there is a short delay before it gets put on Ravelry). There is even talk about creating some kind of email mailshot on sparkling new patterns. I’m sure we will hear more when Mr KnitWit (our tech support) feeds back to us.



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