Chunky Scarf – Rip it, Rip it


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to eat my words…the “easy” chunky scarf has now been added to the heap. In its defense, it is actually “easy” – but I’ve still managed to make a hash of it!

The photo above is the product of a whole ball of wool in perfect garter stitch. The only problem with this (aside from the fact I’ve only got one ball of the stuff, so makes a VERY short scarf), is that it really needs to be half as wide and twice as long. I cast on 21 stitches in the super chunky, which (in hindsight) is quite a wide scarf for a little 4-year old (and perhaps even for the Incredible Hulk).

So here I am on my lilypad sofa, croaking “rip it, rip it, rip it”. Boo hoo.

Is this the universally despised “Frogging” that I’ve heard about? I fear it might have been a slightly more basic, but no less tragic, “unravelling” as the words painstaking and nerve challenging didn’t really spring to mind whilst I just pulled the thread at great speed and wept.

The silver lining is that I found this really useful tutorial on how to carefully unravel your work. I’ve no doubt this will come in very hand in the not too distant future – Frogging Tutorial by


I cast on just 10 stitches this time, and am ploughing on at speed. The weather has reached the giddy heights of double figures and spring is on the way – hurry hurry!



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