Frinton-on-Seaside Holiday


In true British style, I’ve just spent the week freezing my woolly hat off on “holiday”. I fear this may be a uniquely British pursuit – ignoring the fact one is wind/rain/snow lashed and setting up camp in a park or on a beach (preferably with a picnic), and pretending to be on holiday.

Unfortunately, being both born and living in England, it is entrenched in my DNA that it is perfectly acceptable to have a family trip to the beach despite the minus six wind-chill. Yes. MINUS SIX…because we are ON HOLIDAY. As if further proof were needed of my heritage, not only did I endure Siberian weather conditions of my own free will, I also had a great time šŸ™‚

This lunacy spans generations. Both sets of Boy#1 and Boy#2’s grandparents willingly visited and lost the feeling in their chilled hands and feet. Like a small group of Emperor Penguins, huddled against the arctic blast…we were on holiday after all.


Once safely thawing out indoors, I discovered a hidden delight which escapes me in our city flat. With a holiday bungalow and garden combo one can observe one’s young wrapped up like Michelin Men playing outside without having to leave the comfort of one’s centrally heated abode. Hurray! A casual tapping on the window and finger wagging seemed to be all the parenting necessary.

Anyway, I digress. Frinton is famed for being a prime retirement location – so when in Rome, what is one to do? Feet up in front of the tele, heating up full blast and knit delights of course!

I checked out the local yarn shop – The Wool Cabin.


I chose some superchunky for my (as requested) small boy scarf. My 10mm are still warm from the other chunky knits, but as much as I love the giant wool I’m hoping it won’t be long before I can say au revoir to the woolly accessories and bonjour to some summer frocks.


Not a bad week’s work. Custard cream knitted, elephant unpicked and re-sewn, elephant ears knitted. I even knitted a little scarf for my ele-friend! All in all a successful trip to Frinton-on-Frozen-my-face-off.



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