No, this is not the Creature from the Black Lagoon…it is (in fact) my ‘face only a mother could love’ knitted elephant after several wasted hours of sewing up. The beast has also, unfortunately, had the recent loss of an eye due to an unsupervised and curious 4-year-old. Still, it has come a long way since its elephant beginnings.


However, after much wailing, Knit Today magazine has saved the day! Whilst flicking through I noticed a tutorial on mattress stitch which, I’ve been assured by both LouBug and my mother-in-law, should make the seams look less botched.




I shall be practising this technique on the elephant forthwith. Once done (and once the ears and tusks are sewn on) I’m hoping this elephant will look less like it’s been created in a madman’s laboratory with only the light of a full moon as company…I’ll let you know!



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