UFO Spotting – Unfinished Knitting Projects


We all have at least one. Few of us admit exactly how long they have been there. Some of us even deny their existence, while surreptitiously pushing them out of sight. Odd moments might move us to dust them off and push on, but they are short lived bursts and weighed down with guilt. I am of course talking about the curse of the UFO – the unfinished object.


I pride myself in my “effort versus gain” approach to projects and I am unafraid to frog projects that have gone so far south they have cocktails and suntans. My view is that there is no such thing as ugly yarn, just a bad match with a project and there is no point wasting yarn on things I can’t or won’t use. This view has gifted me with my all-time favourite shrug (saved from an ugly spiral scarf) and unfortunately enabled me to buy yarn guilt free, as I know I will always find a use for it.

But even I have a cursed UFO. Even I am not entirely sure when it was started. I tell people 2007, but I am sure it was earlier. My longest standing unfinished project was ambitious for a relative beginner (despite learning at 8 I only really progressed to complex stuff in my 20s), a chess board double bed spread. Each square to be a different technique, with a mix of crochet and knitted and using a wide range of fibres and weights. An ample opportunity to try new fibres, new techniques and wow the world with my knitterly and crocherly skills, oh the foolishness of youth!


Now, to cover a double bed (with a slight overhang) in an 8×8 grid puts each square at 23cmx23cm, which, to give you context, is a 40 stitch cast on in DK. And there are 64 squares. 64 squares that are all different and 64 squares all require individual planning and 64 squares in a variety of yarn weights that all need size checking for a cast on. I can feel the life draining from me just thinking of it!


Experts might notice that there is a small gap in the centre (22 squares worth), but Easter is supposed to be all about re-birth and it is time I finished this beast. Anyone else game to join me in a little UFO slaying? What is your longest standing bag of guilt?



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