Butterflies, Dinosaurs & Knitted Shrugs


Well, I am now a year older and obviously much wiser. In a bid to show my maturity I decided that my birthday treat should be to go and see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in London. As an added bonus they have currently got a living exhibition of tropical butterflies. It is a fantastic experience and immediately turned everyone in the room into a giddy five-year-old.


The whole thing is in a specially sealed marquee and it is full of flowers and smells gorgeous. I had four real-life tropical butterflies land on me, and yes one of them did land squarely in the middle of my chest!


Luckily I was wearing an appropriately themed top! From there it was on to see dinosaurs and cool sparkly gems and rocks. Of course, no knitter’s birthday is complete without a trip to a yarn shop. As I did Loop only a month ago, and I go to I-Knit reasonably regularly, I decided to go to Liberty’s instead (a good excuse to poke around Carnaby Street as well).


I got myself some thoroughly lovely linen and cotton blend yarn (perfect for summer) and I have an eye on making a second “hearts and diamonds” shrug.


The shrug was made a couple of summers ago and rapidly became my all-time favourite summer shrug. Extra brownie points came as it was made of yarn I reclaimed from a ill-considered scarf (the shop version I was trying to copy was made of kid silk haze type yarn, I made it from a cotton/Angora DK yarn *sigh, the foolishness of youth*). Incidentally, does anyone recognise the stitch pattern? I hand-copied it into my book, but I have no idea where it came from!



Knit Today Fame!


Hurray, once again I’ve got my name in print! I think I may even be in for a prize for my shameless efforts to get into Knit Today. Silly magazine, don’t they know that this only encourages me to bombard them with my every knitting effort/musing?!


Am not sure what the prize is (as if the GLORY wasn’t enough!). There is mention at the bottom of the page of a free copy of Rowan Patterns Cotton Classics – I await the postman with bated breath…



Oh Red Scarf, How I Love You!


Look at this scarf! It looks like it has been knitted by a genius, but instead it has been knitted by a KnitWit!

Aside from the Seaweed Scarf, I’ve never knitted anything that didn’t resemble a rather basic knitted effort.

The combination of the light-weight sock yarn and the clever (yet fiendishly simple) lace pattern has (half) created something I might actually wear. I shall be spending my children’s inheritance on a full, front page advert on the front of The Times simply to show off my knitting prowess once this delight is finished.

Revel in its glory so far (One Row Lace Scarf by Turvid):

Stage 1 – The Yarn


Stage 2 – Knitting a few rows, it becomes apparent I’m onto a winner!


Stage 3 – Getting there!




Summer is here – Time for a Knitted Shrug!


My plans for knitting two projects (a winter and a summer) to dare the sun to make an appearance have worked! The sun is shining, cold drinks have been served and my LouBugs basic mitre square cushions are well positioned (which The Cat took full advantage of when he finally woke up). Life is good!


I have also now finished my new shrug, with a new personal best for speed. The main back piece is crocheted and the trim is knitted in rib, it follows the basic shrug construction of a large rectangle folded in half. I am very pleased with the quickness of this (about 3 evenings’ work) and I am already playing with it being a stash buster pattern, as it only took 100g of DK.

Yarn allowing, I might try a shell crochet edge that the rib then attaches to (to allow for extra frou-frou). Stripes are also a possibility, as it would do interesting things to the crochet panel.


I will post a better picture of it (as the pillow doesn’t really do it justice) when I can find a willing model. Sadly Mr LouBug refused. I might even be able to do something artsy at work with the mannequins if they aren’t being used.

I am still stuck for a good name for this. “Airy shrug” is a reasonable description, but lacks punch. I am tempted by “Cro-knit shrug” to help cover its dual craft approach, but that kinda sounds a bit like Cro-magna and it is definitely evolved! Mr Loubug (helpful as ever) said that it looked like a fishnet, but “fish wife” isn’t a name anyone wants to wear!

Any ideas?



One Row Lace Scarf – New WIP 4KCBWDAY3


I picked up this lovely red 4 ply sock yarn at Franklin’s in Colchester. LouBug gave me an elaborate shawl pattern to try, but being the older sister I have decided to over-rule her decision. Not because my knitting knowledge is superior, just because I have found an easier pattern 🙂

My first port-of-call (of course) was Ravelry. After plugging in my requirements, I discovered a free pattern for the One Row Lace Scarf by Turvid.


It looks great, but (crucially) looks very simple. A few knits and YOs and this scarf will be mine!


Thwarted, as ever, by my lack of kit – I just have to source some 6mm needles first.

Then, this scarf will be mine!


Ps – If anyone is wondering what the crazy letter/number combos are hidden in the blogs this week, they are part of the 4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Wingspan – WIP Update


This shawl is by Maylin Tri’Coterie Designs and the pattern can be downloaded for free from Ravelry. Only seven more triangles to go!


I’m amazed at how popular this pattern is – loads of people have posted images of their versions, and each one looks unique. I’ve chosen a self-striping yarn that I bought for a since discarded project.


LouBug loves this shawl so much, she has knitted about a hundred of them. It’s handy to see what the final product should look like, as I did start to waver about half way through the first triangle as to whether it was supposed to look like it did.

Fingers crossed I complete this project before the summer!



A Tale of Two Projects


The weather cannot make up its mind, so I am currently pushing to finish two very different projects. One for the weather we are having and one for the weather I want to happen.

So, first up, bitter reality:


These are super warm (do note the extra snuggly cuffs) mitre mittens using fluffy Regia and the left over Jitterbug from my recent socks. The pattern is from Zimmermann’s KNITTER’S ALMANAC, but I have used a ribbed cuff which is long enough to fold over rather than the mitre/ i-cord cuff as written.


I heartily recommend doing cuffs twice as long as needed and then folding them over, as it really works in stopping the evil cold wind creeping down your arms.

It has an added bonus for those days it is cold enough for a coat but not a jumper, as you can roll the sleeves down and keep your bare arms snuggly.

Now, the hope of better weather:


This is a super airy shrug, for those days when it is breathlessly hot but I am too shy to let the world see my chunky, wobbly upper arms.

It is a mix of crochet and knitting, uses Patrons “Serenity” and is a LouBug original.

It is a nice yarn, but be warned as it can be splitty (which can be a bit of a pain on the crochet). It is working up nicely and I am already tempted to hunt down some cheery red and make a second one.


The back worked up really quickly (about 3 hours) and while doing it I really wished I enjoyed doing crochet more. Don’t get me wrong, I can and do crochet reasonably regularly, I freely acknowledge that it does some jobs really well and it is second to none for little toys.

But I cannot get into the same zone-out rhythm as knitting, which always makes me reluctant to start projects with it in. There is also the issue of mistakes. Knitting allows for “row below” style repairs, but I have had to frog too many crochet items when I have mistakenly chained 3 not 4 and not realised until the next row.

So, which project is going to win? Will the mittens get worn before the autumn or will I have to shelve the shrug until August?



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