Blue, Blue, Electric Blue…


That is the colour of … my next scarf!

After my brief forray into the world of super-chunky wool, resulting in the birth of two chunky cable hats, I am back. This time I think a scarf is in order. It avoids the ever-present issue of “Hat Hair”, that is never far from my mind on a cold day when I weigh up “Frozen Cranium” against “Vanity”.

This vanity is, of course, comically misplaced. I mostly cruise around with a half-scrubbed array of snot/handprints/old food clinging to me – but one must draw the line at crushed hair. I do have some standards.

Under the tutelage of LouBug, I have gone down the Ravelry route. A quick search for “Chunky Cable Scarf” in their patterns section chucked up a mere 337 matches. After filtering free/knitting/photo/super-bulky I had only 40 left to browse.


Being a giant knitting baby, I opted for the “super speedy” option from Paulina Chin. It looks great in the photo, and I do already have several (whisper) shop bought long chunky scarves. This cowl will make an interesting alternative. Plus, if it looks hideous I won’t have spent months making it :-).

If the pattern is to be believed, I’ll have this baby knitted up before you can say, “Oh, is that the end of ‘The Good Wife’ already?! Oh, and look – I have a new cowl!”

Wish me luck!



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