Olympia and the Grizzly Bears


Substitute “Salmon” for “Knitting Fans” and “Grizzly Bears” for “Cash-Flow Problems” and I could have been back on my Alaskan honeymoon (see above – the bear in the photo is literally the size of a SMALL CAR).

Actually, while we’re at it, I guess I should probably substitute Mr KnitWit for the purpose of this analogy – I’m guessing he would probably prefer a romantic lunch-date with this tonne of muscle and fury than a trip to a knitting show. On further consideration, I would also quite like to have substituted the slashing rain and hastily prepared cheese sarnies, but I feel I am now wandering “off topic”…

Olympia Glory

Before I had time to panic that I didn’t quite know the way to the show from the train station, I got caught up in the slip-stream of about a hundred ladies power-walking their way to Olympia. They weren’t quite knocking themselves out on rocks and swimming over the top of each other in the rush to get upstream, but they certainly only had one thing on their mind. Thinking back to the undignified scenes at the Black Sheep Wools stand (complete with one woman seemingly surfing over the half-price bags of wool to get to the back of the pile) the organisers missed a trick not actually employing real Grizzly Bears as crowd-control.

Black Sheep Wools http://www.blacksheepwools.com

Floundering around knackered at the end of the day (albeit in Costa, not the muddy banks of a freezing river), I quietly mused over the day. I was quite pleased with my finds (and quite pleased I still had a small amount of cash left in my purse. My Grizzly cash-flow problems thankfully didn’t materialise). Everything I bought has been allocated a purpose (more on that later) and my only real frivolous purchase was a Miwary fabric teacup and matching saucer. It looks so good with my knitted cupcakes and beautiful to look at. Plus a few really cute cards with knitted designs from Knitola.



My New Knitting To-Do List

1. Blue superchunky scarf – priority as it is still FREEZING despite it technically being spring.
2. Weird green scarf with wool that I have since been reliably informed by LouBug she “used ten years ago as a beginner” and “wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole”.
3. Ditto the above, but with a slightly odd blue yarn.
4. Start red scarf with newly purchased stitch markers.


I finished the day, slumped, at the magazine subscription stall. They had a round table with loads of needles and wool available to try their knitted bunting idea. A welcome sit-down after marching around all day.


I have my hit-list now to start, well as soon as my eggy Egbert egg-cosies are complete 🙂



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